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FundiPay is operational and ready to assist your children with safer, contactless payments at schools.

As we move to level three lock down status with gradual reopening of schools, we’d like to assure you that our core staff are working from home and are available to assist you on email. We thank you for your patience as queries may occasionally take a little longer to be responded on, but rest assured we are working on them.

Please use our dedicated email address for FundiPay queries: fundipay@fundi.co.za or whatsapp us on: 084 0666 777.

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Cashless, convenient…COOL!!! FundiPay is the most innovative cashless payment system to hit South Africa. We utilize tap-and-go NFC technology to make payments age-appropriate and simple to understand. Sponsors have full control over their beneficiaries’ funds, and beneficiaries are uniquely empowered to transact in a secure, closed loop system. FundiPay also caters to institutions who are looking for a full-proof cashless administration capabilities that ensure security of revenues and cash management reporting.


Parents will recieve an email which allows them to register on our online fund management portal.
After the parent allocates a small fee for a NFC token, learners will receive one from their school.
The merchant taps the learners' token and will then verify their identity by either photo or PIN code.
After the merchant has tendered the amount and verified the identity of the learner, they will receive their goods.


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FundiPay FAQs

How to register for FundiPay?

Laptop/PC Registration: Click the Register option on the top right-hand side of the FundiPay website and follow the prompts.

Mobile phone/Device Registrations: Tap the Login option, once the page has loaded you can click on Register and continue with the self-registration process.

How to load funds?

At the top left corner click on the wallet, you will be presented two options. For instant payments use the Ozow payment method.

Ozow - Enter the amount you would like to pay into your FundiPay account and follow the prompts on the website. (Please note: Ozow deducts a R5 service fee from the amount paid into FundiPay.)

EFT - Your reference number will be at the top of the page. Always use your reference number when you make the payment so that the money can be allocated accordingly. The banking details for FundiPay will appear under your personal reference number.

How long does the money take to show in my FundiPay account?

EFT payments take between 24 and 48 working hours to reflect in the FundiPay account. Ozow payments will reflect in your account immediately.

How to add a beneficiary (my child)?

Once you have created your account click on the Add Beneficiary option to add your child's details. Ensure that you select the correct school/institution from the drop-down list. For your convenience you can add multiple beneficiaries to your FundiPay account.

How to remove a beneficiary from my FundiPay account?

Please note that you cannot remove a beneficiary from your FundiPay account yourself. If you need to remove a beneficiary kindly send us an email on fundipay@fundi.co.za. In the email please clearly specify that you would like a beneficiary removed from your account and provide us with both YOUR name and surname as well as the beneficiary name and surname that you would like to remove from your account.

How to transfer funds from one beneficiary to another beneficiary?

Please note that that you cannot transfer funds from one beneficiary to another. If you require funds to be transferred send us an email on fundipay@fundi.co.za with your name, surname as well as the name and surname of the beneficiaries and how much you would like transferred from one beneficiary to the other. In your email please specify that you would like the funds transferred.

How do I allocate money?

Please note that money MUST be allocated to a pocket before your child can transact. Once you have created a beneficiary you can click on Manage Funds under the beneficiary's name then select the Allocate Funds option. Money for tuckshops should be allocated to the food pocket. Remember to allocate R50 to the cash pocket for the wristband or card as the money will be deducted from your account when the wristband or card is linked to the beneficiary.

How to link a wristband or card to a beneficiary?

To link a wristband or card click on the settings option next to your beneficiary's name, scroll down and select the option to Add Card. Enter the 16 digits on the back of the wristband or on the front of the card. If you would like to have a pin-less device upload a photo of your beneficiary BEFORE adding the card/wristband and click on the tick next to the pin box. Please note that R50 needs to be allocated to the cash pocket for the wristband or card to be successfully linked to the beneficiary.

How to upload a photo?

To set a photo of your child instead of a pin select Options next to the beneficiary's name. Click on edit (the pencil icon) and take a photo on your phone or laptop of your child or upload a picture of your child. Kindly ensure that your child's face is clearly visible. If you have already linked a card, scroll down to linked cards and click on Pin Enabled (make sure it says pin-less) and then the picture will appear when the child makes a purchase instead of being prompted for a pin.

How does the spend limit work?

Under Manage Funds you can set a spend limit for your child. Ensure that the spend limit has been set under the correct pocket (use the arrows to move to the correct pocket). Daily, weekly or monthly limits can be set. Once your child has reached their spend limit for the day, week or month they will not be able to make any more purchases even if there is still money available in the account.

Where to collect wristbands/cards?

Each school has a designated collection point for the wristbands and the school office should be able to assist. You can also query this at fundipay@fundi.co.za and the FundiPay team will assist you.

How do the pockets work?

The pockets were developed to ensure that monies allocated for food, school uniforms, books etc. are used for that purpose only. Money in a dedicated pocket can ONLY be spent at that particular shop's FundiPay terminal. Parents can thus be assured that money set aside for school uniform etc. can only be used for the intended purpose.

How to change the PIN?

To change the wristband or card pin, select Settings next to the beneficiary's name, scroll down to linked cards, and click on Change PIN. Enter the new pin, confirm the new pin and then enter the password you use to log into your FundiPay account.

What to do if the card/wristband gets lost?

If your child loses their card or wristband, they can collect a new one from the school. Allocate R50 to the cash pocket to pay for a new wristband or card. Once the new card or wristband is linked the old one will automatically be paused. If you would like to pause the card or wristband, you can click on the Pause Card option.

How to reset your FundiPay password?

To reset your FundiPay password enter your username and click next, you will see a Reset Password option under login. Click on the Reset Password and follow the prompts. If you registered with your mobile number please send a query to fundipay@fundi.co.za and someone will assist you.

What is my username?

Your FundiPay username is the email address or mobile number you used to register your account with.

How to change your log in and notification email address?

If you would like to change the email you use to log into FundiPay and receive notifications on, please send a query to fundipay@fundi.co.za with your name, surname, current email address and the new email address and specify that you would like to change the email address.

What to do if you have forgotten your FundiPay username?

Please click on the Forgot your Username on the login page, enter your phone number and a reminder will be sent to you.

How to add a second sponsor for your child?

To add a second sponsor for your child, click on the settings option, scroll down and click on Manage Invites. Enter the email address for the second sponsor to receive the invite. If the second sponsor has already registered, they can log into FundiPay and click on the envelope on the top righthand corner of the website and accept the invite. If the sponsor has not yet registered, they can accept the request on the email and follow the prompts to register for FundiPay.

How to transfer funds?

To transfer funds between the pockets for your beneficiary, select the Manage Funds option, and then select Transfer Funds. Ensure that you select the correct pocket to transfer funds to and from. (use the arrows on the side to change pockets). Enter the amount that you would like to transfer and click on Transfer Funds.

How to view your child's transaction history?

You can view you beneficiary's transaction history by selecting Manage Funds, and then selecting transaction history. You will be able to view all the transaction details including the date, time and amount spent.

Why is the spend limit not working?

If you have set a spend limit for your beneficiary and it is not working, please ensure that you allocate all the spending money for your beneficiary to one pocket (for tuckshop purchases we suggest that you allocate all the money to the food pocket). Scroll down to the bottom of the website and check what pocket the spend limit is set on. Ensure that the spend limit has been set to the same pocket you have allocated all the funds to. The spend limit will not work if the money is in the food pocket and the spend limit has been set to the cash pocket.

What reference number must I use when making a payment to my FundiPay account?

When making a payment into your FundiPay account you should use the unique reference number on the FundiPay website (this can be found on the wallet icon on the top left hand corner) the reference number will start with FC-, the first four letters of your surname- and six digits. Please make sure you use the correct reference number or the money will not be allocated to your FundiPay account.

For any FundiPay queries you can send an email to fundipay@fundi.co.za or WhatsApp us on 084 066 6777.

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