What is Fundi Cashless?

Why should your school go cashless? Cashless schools do not waste time counting and allocating cash collected, or pay security companies to do expensive cash deposits. Instead Cashless schools prevent bullying and theft of tuckshop money, receive proceeds back from the spend of all their users, and give sponsors full visibility and control over what their beneficiaries spend their money on. Go Cashless today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

To start the process, users are introduced into the system through our friendly Fundi Cashless team. Once the users are loaded, the system will automatically send invitations by email. Each parent / guardian registered will be assigned a personal account from which payment can be made at any Fundi Cashless Terminal at any participating institution. The parent will then have the ability to transfer money to their beneficiary and set limits on how this money can be spent.

Will my money be secure?

The Fundi Cashless system has been built on Fundi’s experience with managing billions of Rand’s in bursary disbursements over the last 15 years. Our proud heritage, adherence to banking-level protocols and use of modern technology designed for payment transmission ensures the security of your funds; each token also has photo verification and or a pin to make sure no one else can spend your funds.

I used the wrong reference.

Each user has a unique reference number that can be found when the user clicks on "top up funds". If you by accident used the wrong reference number, please email us at fundiqueries@fundi.co.za with your name & surname as well as the reference used, the amount paid and a friendly Fundi Cashless agent will assist to make sure your account is topped up.

Where does my child get their payment token?

As soon as the parent has allocated R25 to the students cash pocket, the student can collect their token from their participating school's admin office.

How long does it take for my funds to reflect?

If you make an EFT from a Standard bank account your funds will reflect immediately. If you make an EFT payment from any other bank, your funds will take 24 to 48 hours to reflect.


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